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AFENDS Book The 10 Year History & Insight of the Famous Byron Bay Apparel Brand

AFENDS Book The 10 Year History & Insight of the famous byron bay apparel brand
This book represents a ten year journey, a journey that began with a gift of a rusty old screen printer and allowed them to stop working shitty jobs & instead print a few tees for friends & hardcore bands, a journey that has seen them stocked in retailers around the world and establish them as a real presence in the fashion, surfing and streetwear industries.
It has seen afends evolving their brand into more of an environmentally sustainable business and helping to bring hemp into mainstream fashion. It is a journey fans are a part of - which allowed afends to get where they are and shaped their brand. You the fans gave them the support they needed to keep growing and evolving. So this is your journey as much as theirs.
Brand New
Hardback Edition
Publisher Everbest Print 2016
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