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Almost Skateboard Complete DC Comics Mid Batman Dark Knight 7.25" Daewon Song

Almost Skateboard Complete DC Comics Mid Batman Dark Knight 7.25 Daewon Song Pro FREE POST
The highly anticipated Almost x DC Comics Superheros series has hit the shelves, Almost and DC Comics have once again teamed up to make a collector’s classic. Featuring pro models from Almost Skateboards‘ best of the best, including Daewon Song, Chris Haslam, Rodney Mullen, Youness Amrani, Cooper Wilt and Willow.
But wait! Not only do these limited edition boards pack one of the sickest collabs to date, they’re also some of the highest quality decks on the market. Utilizing Dwindle’s proprietary Single-Deck Press and Resin-7 Technology, these boards are ultra-strong and the shapes are unmatched in consistency. So whether you’re gonna hang it on a wall or take it to the streets, these rad boards are sure to please die-hard comic fans and skateboarders alike.
Brand New
Almost x DC Comics Limited Edition
Daewon Song Signature Pro Model
Pre-assembled Complete Skateboard
Grip, Deck, Trucks, 51mm Wheels, Bearings & Bolts
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$115.00 8 available