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Almost Skateboard Deck Mullen Uber EX17 Black 8" Carbon Foam Core FREE GRIP

Almost Skateboard Deck Mullen Uber EX17 Black 8 Carbon Foam Core FREE GRIP & POST
Almost have barged their way through the innovation of skate technology & with the most technical Pro squad. Founded in 2003 by revolutionary flat ground master Rodney Mullen and 2006 SOTY Daewon Song. This limited edition Uber Light Mullen Carbon Foamcore Skateboard Deck brings space age tech to your feet for a super light ultra strong and massively gangster skateboard. "Deck inside a Deck" This was developed by Rodney Mullen and C.L Composites. After experimenting with many different layups, they arrived at a method using an actual deck within a deck. The internal carbon fiber foam deck is ultra light and nearly as stiff as metal. It acts like rebar, or a skeleton embodied by a standard 7-ply layup. It also vastly improved the lateral rigidity. The deck wears, slides, and looks like a normal 7-ply, but its lighter and has a supernatural pop last lasts far longer than any normal deck. Carbon foam insert makes Uber the lightest board on the market!
Brand New
Signature Pro Model
Carbon Foamcore Construction
7-Ply Construction
Canadian Hardrock Maple
Free Dynamite Grip with your deck! While stocks last.
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