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Death Lens Fisheye IPHONE 6 Plus / 6s Plus Skateboard Camera Deathlens

Death Lens Fisheye IPHONE 6 Plus / 6s Plus Compatible Skateboard Camera Deathlens
The widest fisheye system available for your phone! The Death Lens comes in a variety of sizes and these Fisheye Lens are made from the highest quality HD precision glass. Creating a Mind blowing field of view! The clarity of these fish eye lens is insane!! Plus it gives your phone that movie magic effect you see in all the skate movies and the lens has wicked Death Lens detailing throughout. 
Brand New
Phone Case Cover
Screw in Attachable Death Lens
Black Lens Carry Bag
Free Dynamite Grip with your deck! While stocks last.
$68.95 2 available