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Dynamite Complete Skateboard Trending Rasta 8" + Z-Flex Abec 7 Bearings

Dynamite Complete Skateboard Trending Rasta 8 Z-Flex Abec 7 Z-Speed Bearings
Dynamite provide unique, high quality, street couture blended with hardware products already in use & in demand by the community. We aim to give you the best in smooth control thanks to our 100% Hardrock Maple, Medium Concave & special industrial strength resin db glue, with a superior printed result requested by skaters everywhere. These Completes are Pro Quality and there is NO better complete on the market for this price!
Brand New
Complete Skateboard
7 ply Rock Maple Deck
8.25" W / 31.4" L / 14" WB
Dynamite Absolute Black Grip Tape
5" Dynamite Skateboard Trucks
52mm 100a Urethane Wheels - hard and durable
Z-Flex Abec 7 Premium Z-Speed Bearings
1" Allen Key Deck Bolts
Photo of 8.25" model
Buy the Dynamite 5 in 1 Tool for your skateboard
$98.94 5 available