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Dynamite Forever Absolute Clear Grip Tape Transparent Skateboard Griptape

Dynamite Forever Absolute Clear Grip Tape Transparent Perforated Skateboard Griptape FREE POST 30 DAY RETURNS
This is clear grip tape for skateboarding, longboarding, speedboarding, longskate and sliding. This adhesive backed friction-surfaced material is usually attached to the deck of a skateboard or longboard to give the rider more friction to control the board. Rip it, grip it or cut it up & get freaky with it! Dynamite Forever provide unique, high quality, street couture blended with hardware products already in use & in demand by the community.
Brand New
Clear Transparent Grit
Full Sheet Of See through Grip Tape
Bubble Free (No Air bubbles)
Team Tested & Approved
Quality Fine Grade
Easy Peel Back
High Strength
Waterproof Backing
Width x Length: 9" x 33"
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$14.95 398 available