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Extremely Sorry Flip Skateboards Collectors Edition DVD
Five years in the making, "Extremely Sorry" is the third release in the trilogy of Flip Skateboards’ "Sorry" video series. The world famous Flip Team has evolved over time, but their original spirit remains intact, with levels of skate madness continuing to build to ever increasingly insane levels. 
Famous not only for their insane skateboarding skills, the Flip Team is as notorious for their renegade lifestyles (don't expect to see the Flip Team at the Olympics any time soon). Extremely Sorry was so named as a tongue in cheek mockery of the X-Games style of mainstream skateboard competitions.
Sadly, during the time of filming this latest production, one of Flip's talented younger riders (Shane Cross), was fatally injured in a motorcycle accident (which also left Flip team-mate Ali Boulala in critical condition). Extremely Sorry is dedicated to the memory of Shane Cross, and may serve as an inspiration to young skaters worldwide to make the most of their freedom and creativity through this modern alternative to antiquated ball sports.
The next Flip chapter unfolds…Extremely Sorry. It’s really real!
Flip Skateboards: Sworn to fun since 91! Flip Riders include: Ali Boulala, Bob Burnquist, Curren Caples, Rune Glifberg, David Gonzalez, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus, Oscar Meza, Lance Mountain, Ben Nordberg, Luan Oliveira, Tom Penny, Geoff Rowley and Arto Saari..
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