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Grizzly Grip Tape 9x33" Tie Dye Full Skateboard Deck Griptape Scooter By Diamond

Grizzly Grip Tape Tie Dye Full Skateboard Deck Griptape Sheet or Scooter By Diamond and torey pudwill tpuds
Grizzly Griptape is a leading provider of premium griptape. They use a long lasting glue that outdoes all the others. Some might say it has the perfect grit, texture and smooth cutting. The Grizzly Griptape T-Puds Stamp tie dye grip tape is the perfect addition to your skateboard deck. Featuring a custom "Grizzly" T-Puds tie dye stamp graphic, this grip tape comes with a sticky adhesive with bubble proof application. Get your setup like your boy and founder of Grizzly Griptape Torey Pudwill with the Grizzly T-Puds Stamp tie dye grip tape from Grizzly Griptape.
Grizzly riders include P-Rod, Guy Mariano, Rob Dyrdek, Manny Santiago and Andrew Brophy!.
Brand new
Full Sheet Of Grip Tape
Perforated Griptape to avoid air bubbles during grip
Sticky adhesive that won't peal in extreme heat or cold
High Quality Super Fine Grade Black Top, Easy Peel Back
Width x Length: 9" x 33"
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$19.00 19 available