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Kingpin Skate Supply Tee Bottle White L/S Original Recipe Skateboard Long Sleeve

Kingpin Skate Supply Tee Bottle White Original Recipe L/S Skateboard Long Sleeve FREE POST
Kingpin Skate Supply began in 2009 with a full-length film ‘Bootleg’ showcasing the talents of the entire team including Jake Brown, Anthony De Sylva, Sam Giles, Cam Mullan, Nick Rojas, Maca, Jack Fischer, Sloth, Renton Millar, Steve Adam & Marty Girotto. It has since expanded its operations into a full blown board company with a solid apparel and distinct accessories line that everyone loves.
Our New Long Sleeve Tee might well be the ultimate men’s long sleeve t-shirt hybrid.  With a heavy weight fabric, cuffs on the sleeves and a slightly more generous fit it covers all bases from old school ruggedness to new school crispness.  Sure to become the best garment for your next killer streetwear ensemble.
Long sleeve Tee
Banded cuffs
1" Split Sides on hem
Kingpin Custom Prints
Free Dynamite Grip with your deck! While stocks last.
$39.95 2 available