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MOB Grip Tape Skateboard Deck Griptape New Full Sheet Perforated Air Bubble Free

MOB Grip Tape Skateboard Deck Griptape FREE POST New for Longboards Freeride Cruisers Scooters
MOB Perforated Griptape. No Bubbles, No troubles. The Ultimate Griptape, High Strength, Tear Resistant, Waterproof Backing That Trims Cleanly Every time! Plus this is no ordinary grip, it has specially designed perforated miniature holes throughout the whole sheet!! Why? To avoid any chance of getting Air Bubbles! No Air Bubbles guaranteed..
Superior Quality
Super Fine Grade
Tear Resistant, High Quality
Fine Grade Easy Peel Back
Full Sheet Width x Length: 9" x 33"
Perforated Bubble Free Guarantee
Waterproof Backing, Black Top
Buy the Dynamite 5 in 1 Tool for your skateboard
$14.45 3 available