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RIPnDIP Tee ASST SIZE FREE POST 30 DAY RETURN Rip n dip Skateboard T-Shirt

RIPnDIP Tee Lord Nermal Cat FREE POST Rip n dip feline Skateboard T-Shirt

This cat shirt has a subversive surprise for you. On the outside, this t-shirt by L.A. skateboarding apparel brand Ripndip looks rather innocuous, but pull down its breast pocket to reveal its secret double-pawed message. Not so innocent now, are we? That’s Lord Nermal, Ripndip’s feline mascot, and he’s all right with us.
Pocket Tee with a surprise
Round Neck
Short Sleeve
100% Cotton
Screen Print for Comfort
RIPnDIP Detailing
Free Dynamite Grip with your deck! While stocks last.
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