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Theeve Trucks x Sk8mafia Skateboards Larelle Gray 5.85" Pro CSX v3 FREE POST

Theeve Trucks x Sk8mafia Skateboards 5.85 Larelle Gray Pro CSX v3 New FREE POST
Theeve Skateboard Trucks Size Chart
Theeve created the world's first titanium truck & recently released the V3 CSX a classic styled truck but with a twist! Using all the best elements out there we were able to generate the best truck incorporating the iconic "Hardcore Bushings" and Theeve True Turn Geometry. Titanium Alloy Blend Cast Hanger and Baseplate Non Slip Cro-Molly Axle Grade 8 Steel Kingpins Theeve True Turn Geometry Hardcore Bushings & designed to keep you grinding longer and faster.
Set of 2
Brand New
V3 Pro Model
Grade 8 Kingpins 
Non-slip Axles
Hardcore Bushings
High Density Alloy Blend Hangers
Theeve True Turn Geometry
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