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Venture Skateboard Trucks V-Hollow Lights Prod 5.25" Falcon P-Rod FREE POST

Venture Skateboard Trucks V-Hollow Lights Prod 5.25 Falcon P-Rod Pro Edition New FREE POST
Venture Trucks are extremely light with a stable turning system, designed for pro skaters from quality materials that are durable enough to withstand skate abuse. Venture brings all the essentials to a good truck, durability, turn ability, and grind ability. #AlwaysOnTheGrind
Set of 2
Brand New
Pro Edition
V-Hollow Lights
Hollow Axles
Hollow Kingpins
New Reinforced Forged Baseplates
Top quality bushings, more muscle, less pounds
Venture detailing throughout
High Density Alloy Blend
Hollowed Out Baseplates
Free Dynamite Grip with your deck! While stocks last.
$79.00 Out of stock