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Zero Skateboard Deck Burman Embossed SigBold 8.25" R7 FREE Post & Grip

Zero Skateboard Deck Burman Embossed SigBold 8.25 R7 FREE Post & Grip New
headed up by skateboard legend Jamie Thomas. Known for his "Leap Of Faith" Gap which was over a handrail & then down an 18 foot drop! This limited edition release is constructed with Dwindle's Resin-7 technology to fend off de-lamination and keep that pop fresh for days. A single deck press technique keeps the shape consistent from board to board. Veneer colors may vary.
Brand New
Signature Pro Model
7-ply hardwood maple
Single Press Deck
R7 Resin 7 Glue
Free Dynamite Grip with your deck! While stocks last.
$109.95 Out of stock